Predefined feedback per question and per alternative

This is available for Authors and Planners.

Feedback for questions and alternatives can be defined when authoring a question. If the Planner selects to enable this feature in the After test settings, candidates will be able to see the feedback after the test is closed. If instant post delivery access is enabled, this will also show the feedback immediately.

This feature:

Note: predefined feedback cannot be changed after the test is activated. If there are any issues with a question, we suggest to use the grading tool's annotation feature to provide feedback to the candidates.



Instructions for planner

In Deliver tool, options for feedback can be found under After test - Post-submission review. The options become available if the question set contains feedback on one or more questions and/or feedback for one or more of its alternatives.

If Show feedback for all alternatives is enabled, the candidates will see the feedback for all the alternatives. Leave it disabled if you only want to show the feedback for the alternative the candidate chose.

Note that the feedback will be shown to candidates immediately after submission if Instant post delivery access is enabled. 




Instructions for authors

Predefined feedback per alternative

To predefine a feedback per alternative, click on the interaction in a question. Under Alternatives section click on Add feedback and write. Below is the example in question type multiple response:



To make sure it presents as intended, go to Preview eye-open.png - Check Answer.  

Example. predefined feedback in question type multiple response, when Text is selected as alternative:



Predefined feedback per question

The basic feature is the same as feedback on alternatives but a bit simpler to use. Simply add the feedback on the question level, and you're done. This can also be previewed the same way as feedback on alternatives.


To expand the text box, click and drag the marked area at the bottom right of the box. 


Candidate experience

In Archive - See more details candidates are able to see the feedback for alternative(s) when the test is closed. 




Example. Predefined feedback in question type multiple choice, when Text is selected as alternative: 



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