How to install the Inspera Assessment lock-down browser for Chromebook

The Inspera Assessment kiosk app is supported on managed Chromebooks.


Warning! There is a bug in ChromeOS version 97.0.4692.77, 98.0.4758.91 and 99.0.4844.14. that will likely cause the Kiosk App to not work properly. To work around this issue, we recommend that you use other versions.


Changes in Google's support model means that Inspera Assessment lockdown browser cannot be installed on unmanaged devices from 2017 or later. 

Note: The Inspera Assessment kiosk app is available on the login screen, the app is not available when the student has logged in.

Administered Chromebooks (recommended)

  • Log into the Admin console for your organisation
  • Click on Device management
  • Open Chrome management
  • Click on Device Settings
  • Choose the organisation that will have the Inspera Assessment kiosk application installed
  • Scroll down to Kiosk Settings and click on Manage Kiosk Applications
  • Enter this URL:

Use this ID: jpaaknbngjmabmjefmfpglmpkllcidbg

The users in the chosen organisation should get access to the application within one hour. If it takes longer, it might help to restart the device.

For more details:


Regular Chromebooks

Warning: Unmanaged Chromebooks from 2017 or later are not supported. In 2017 Google changed the requirements for using Chromebook as a kiosk, and this now only available for managed devices with an appropriate license.

Verify that you can run kiosk applications

Regular Chromebooks require kiosk mode available to install kiosk applications

Verify that kiosk mode is available:

  • Open Chrome on your Chromebook
  • Open chrome://extensions
  • Open Developer mode
  • If there is a button called "Manage Kiosk applications" you can continue to install the Inspera Assessment kiosk application

If this button is not there, you have to reset your Chromebook to factory settings.

Follow the instructions at to reset the Chromebook

Make kiosk mode available:

  • After reset, choose Language and Wi-Fi
  • BEFORE you log in with username and password - make kiosk mode available by pressing CTRL-ALT-K
  • Log in, open Chrome and install the kiosk application
  • Install the application from

Make Inspera Assessment available as a kiosk application:

Read more here:




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