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This article is about the basic functionality for explanation of the candidate's final grade. 

The graders can send explanation of grades to candidates by using Explanation tool. You can write explanations from scratch and/or add your private notes you have made during the grading process. The explanation will not be shared until you click Send to candidate.  

The explanation can be edited by all graders in the committee, or if committees are not used, all graders. The explanations are not private to you. When a grader creates or updates an explanation, the grader's name and the time of last change will be added, and visible for all graders. 

Remember before sending explanations to candidates: 

  • You are sending the explanation on behalf of all graders.
  • Explanations can only be sent once.
  • Once shared, explanations cannot be withdrawn, edited or deleted
Note: The test must have status Graded before explanations can be sent to candidates. All graders and committees must have confirmed final grading.



1. In Grade tool, open the results to see candidate list. 


2. Select a candidate from the list then the candidate overview page will show up. Expand the Explanation tool. 


3. Write the explanation from scratch and/or click Add your private notes to add the private notes you have made (see below).

4. Edit if necessary and then click Save draft button.


Add your private notes

1. Click Add your private notes under the editor box, then all the private notes you have made will be inserted under Explanation.

2. Edit if necessary and then click Save draft button. 



Send the explanation

Once the test is graded, go to the Grade tool and open the candidate list by clicking on "Show results".


Find the candidate and click on the grey "Send to candidate" button. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to send it. The time stamp of when the explanation was sent will be added along with the name of the grader who sent it. 


Candidate Experience

When logged in, the explanation from grader can be found in Archive



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