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When setting up an Inspera Assessment test, there are several options to choose from to create a test that suits your specific needs.

This article will describe how you can add contributors to a test, the roles the contributors have in context of the test, and how the planner can manage the contributor list. The purpose of adding contributors is to give certain users access to the test, and enable them to perform tasks for the specific test. Users that are not added as contributors will not have access to the test, or the candidate list for the test.

This option is available for Planner, and to a limited extent for Chief Invigilator.

Find the contributor list at the top right of the test setup page. 


Add users as contributors

Chief invigilator has access to add other chief invigilators, and regular invigilators.

Planner can add all contributor types.

When you add a user as a contributor, this user must already have the correct role added by a user administrator. As a planner you will only be able to add users who have the correct roles already. If you want to add a user as a grader, and this user doesn't have the role grader added, the user will not show up in the search.

You can choose whether to send an e-mail notification when you add users by toggling the tickbox next to the Add button

Any contributor added to the test will get read access to the question set used in the test. 

Authors will get both read and write access to the question set, and will be added to the shared with users list in the question set. Removing the author from the contributor list on the test will not remove the access to the question set. 

Note: Planners with extended access, who are also user administrators, will be able to search for users that don't have the correct roles already. Adding a user without the correct role will not add that role to the user. The role has to be added in user administration.


Manage contributors

Select Manage at the top of the drop down menu. You will then get a list of all the contributors and their roles in context of the test.


If the graders on a test are members of committees, the committee will be listed here. 

The status of each contributor will be listed. The status will be contributor for everyone except the owner and the graders. The graders start out with status contributor, but the status will be updated as they complete their grading steps. The other statuses for a grader are Approved own grades, and Completed.


Remove users or roles

Click on the cogwheel next to the contributor to either remove the user as contributor, or to remove roles. If you created the test, you cannot remove yourself as contributor because you are the owner of the test.


Information: If you remove a grader from the contributor list, the grader will lose access to the test, candidate submissions, and to all work they have done on the test. This includes private notes, marks, grades, comments and explanations. The grader can be re-added (and assigned to the same committee) to regain access to the test and candidate submission. 

Import contributors from CSV

You can also add contributors using a CSV file. The required columns are:

firstName, lastName, username, externalUsername, email, role, candidateFilter*

CandidateFilter is a optional field for Invigilators and Chief Invigilators, and can be added in the CSV if you use the functionality to limit invigilators to room.

The roles have a specific format in the CSV:

  • Planner: system_role_testplanner_rel
  • Chief invigilator: system_role_testinvigilator_rel
  • Author: system_role_testauthor_rel
  • Invigilator: system_role_testmonitor_rel
  • Grader: system_role_testevaluator_rel
  • Reporter: system_role_testreporter_rel





Test settings explained

This presentation was a part of Inspera Seminar 2020. It walks you through all test settings in Inspera.

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