InsperaScan - Checklist and information for invigilators

This article is applicable for InsperaScan 1.0  and 2.0. 

In this article you will learn the recommended workflow when a candidate submits their sketches (Scanton). This will uncover any mistakes done on the exam day and will ensure that the digitization of the sketches runs as smoothly as possible.

Useful information

  • When sketches (Scantron) are activated on a test, every question on the test will display a code that is unique for the candidate, test, and question.
  • It is important that the candidate registers the appropriate code on each sketch sheet
  • The candidate can submit sketches for all questions on the test
  • The candidate can submit an unlimited number of sketches for each question
  • If the candidate submits more than one sketch per question, it is important that these are sorted in the correct order before scanning. The first sketch should be on top of the stack.

If you run into any problems during the process, please see the troubleshooting article.


Checklist and recommended workflow

  1. Check that the candidate has filled in the Scantron code on each sketch.
  2. Check that the number of Scantron sketches submitted matches the number on the cover sheet.
  3. Set number of Scantron sketches in Monitor.
  4. Mark the cover sheet as controlled.


1. Check the Scantron codes

The chief invigilator or invigilator should check that the candidate has filled in the Scantron code (question code) on every sketch.


  • Did the candidate forget to fill in the code on any sketch?

Other common mistakes to look for are:

  • Incomplete codes on one or more sketches
  • Candidate has filled in more than one black spot in a single column
  • Candidate has filled in the wrong code. This could potentially mean that the sketch could be added to another candidates submission.

Note: Both missing and erroneous codes are handled effectively during scanning, but the prerequisite is that the code in the top row of the sketch is correct.


2. Check that the number of Scantron sketches submitted is correct

The Invigilator should count the number of sketches to see that the number matches what the candidate has written on the cover sheet.




3. Register the number of Scantron sketches in Monitor 

Note: This is not possible for contributors with the role Invigilator

This is useful to uncover potential errors or deviations between the digital and the actual sketches submitted by the candidate. 

How to:

  • Click the correct candidate in Monitor and choose Sketches in the pop-up menu.



  • In the new window you need to fill out number of sketches in the top right corner.


4. Mark the cover sheet as controlled

Mark the cover sheet as controlled (if you are using cover sheets), and you are done.


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