Invite co-authors (share and collaborate on questions and question sets)

Available for Author.

The author can share Questions and Question Sets  with others by inviting additional users as co-authors. When a question or question set is shared with another author, this person gets full access to save new revisions to the question/question set.


1. To invite a user you want to share content with, click on the “Sharing with Users” icon image-1.png in the top-right corner.
2. Write the name or user name of the person below Add User and click share. Check the "Notify via e-mail"-box, if you want the user to receive an email notification.

It is also possible to share content with an organizational unit. If you want to share with all users in a unit, click on the icon "Sharing with Org Units" image-0.png in the top-right corner. Type the name of the organizational unit you want to share with under Add Organization Units and click share.

Note: When sharing content with an organizational unit, every user in that unit will be able to view and edit your content. To keep a private copy, duplicate the question/question set.



Collaboration on questions and question sets

Information: Inspera does not offer real time collaboration on questions and question sets, which means that only one author can work on a question set at any given time. The question set has to be closed by the author before anyone else can modify it.

The correct way to exit a question is to click the boxes in the upper left corner. 


If you opened the question via the question bank, this action will take you back to the question bank. However, if you opened the question via a question set, this action will take you back to the question set.


The correct way to exit a question set is to click on the house icon in the upper left corner. This will take you to the start page in the Authoring tool, with the list of question sets.



If an author exit a question/question set in another way (for example by closing the browser or just logs off without exiting the question or question set the correct way first) it will take up to 45 minutes before another author can make any changes to any question in the question set. This is to ensure no changes made by one author, gets overridden by another. 


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