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Available for Grader and Planner

All candidate submissions in Inspera Assessment can be downloaded in PDF format and printed.

Note: All submissions will be downloaded from Grade, unless downloaded from Monitor, where selected candidate submissions can be selected.





Open the test in the Grading tool
Scroll down to Details and expand to find Submissions.


Click on All submissions as PDF to read all the deliveries, or click on Open to find and download deliveries of specific candidates.

Once you click All submissions as PDF, Print & Download Manager will be displayed. Here you can choose different settings based on how you want the submissions to be presented. The different options are described later in this article.


To download individual submissions, click on Open and select a candidate from the candidate list or use Filter on the top-right corner to find and select a specific candidate. Then click image-0.png BM PDF. BM is Norwegian Bokmål, if the question set is available in other languages, these will also be listed here. EN, SE, etc.



Download and print submissions from Monitor

In some cases you only want a few of the submissions downloaded at once. This can be achieved in the Monitor tool, which you have access to as a grader. Open Monitor from the top level, and search for the test name, candidate ID or use filters to get the selection. Mark the checkboxes next to the candidates you want to download the submission from, and choose Download and print from the menu at the bottom.




Print and download manager

Style options

Standard: No print style applied

Optimised for reading: Provides a full width layout, serif typeface, increased font size and line spacing

Optimised for feedback: Provides a right column for marginal notes, serif typeface, increased font size and line spacing

Default print style for all users in account can be configured through Service Desk

NB! These settings will not apply to student uploaded PDFs, these are printed or downloaded in their original format.



Include: Choose between questions and answers, or just answers without question text.

Cover page: Include a cover page for each student/submission.

Documents: Include the not marked document question types that are part of the test.

Hide auto-marked: Useful if the test consists of a mix between auto-marked and manually marked questions. Auto-marked questions will not be included in the print/download.

Correct answers: Includes the correct answer as set by the author on auto-marked questions.

Table of contents: Includes a table of contents of questions at the beginning of the submission.

Question page breaks: Each question starts on a new page instead of directly after the previous question.



There are two options available.

Merge PDFs and download:

This will create PDFs of the submissions and merge all submissions into one single file which will then be downloaded.

If the students have uploaded PDFs, these will also be merged into one file.

Other file types (Word, excel, anything that is not a PDF) will not be converted to PDF and cannot be merged. The files will still be downloaded when using this option.

Download submissions as separate files:

This will also create PDFs of the submissions but they will be downloaded as separate files. One for each student.

Other file types (Word, excel, anything that is not a PDF) will not be converted to PDF. The files will still be downloaded when using this option.


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