Print and download Question Set

Available for Authors and Planners.

Print manager allows you to control the visibility of the table of contents, correct answers, and marks in the document.


  • If there is a PDF uploaded in the PDF panel on one or more questions, these files will not be included in a direct printout of the question set. They will however be included if the question set is downloaded first.
  • Question sets that contain questions with MP4 files cannot be exported.



  1. Select a question set in Author tool in the top menu
    • The print and download option is also available from the test front page by choosing the PDF option for any available language.
  2. Click the print icon image-0.png in the top-right corner.mceclip0.png
  3. Print and/or download after checking Settings. The chosen settings will apply to both the printout and the downloaded question set.mceclip1.png


In Settings there are the following options:

  • Documents: Include the not marked document question types that are part of the test.
  • Hide auto-marked questions: Useful if the test consists of a mix between auto-marked and manually marked questions. Auto-marked questions will not be included in the print/download.
  • Question maximum marks: Includes the highest possible number of marks under each question. If the printed version is used as a backup or offline solution, please consider if this should be included or not.
  • Correct answers: Includes the correct answer as set by the author on auto-marked questions. If the printed version is used as a backup or offline solution, this must be disabled.
  • Table of contents: Includes a table of contents of questions at the beginning of the submission.
  • Question page breaks: Each question starts on a new page instead of directly after the previous question.
  • Hide large interactions elements: Text editor box will be hidden in certain question types such as Essay, Upload Assignment and Programming.



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