Candidate list in Grading


Available for Grader and Planner

This function gives a better overview of the grading process in candidate list for individual exams. It shows candidates to be graded, grades set by you and your co-graders and candidates with conflicting grades.

When the test is closed, you can see candidates who have submitted the test in Grade your candidates.



When grading is in process and some grades are set, ungraded will be marked as -.  When there are many candidates, use Filters image-1.png on the top-right corner to filter the candidates that have not been graded.

Final grading - get an additional overview of conflicting grades

When the committee has started final grading, the grader's grades are shared with the co-graders. It is then easy to see any conflicting grades. The grader's own grades are always shown in bold in the Grades column.

The text marked red on the top indicates the number of candidates that have conflicting grades. Candidates with conflicting grades are marked with a yellow background color to indicate that not all graders have given the same grade.


Grading complete

When all graders in the committees have confirmed their final grading all candidates have got a final grade with no conflicts.The Final grade column are populated with the grades that at the same time will be available in the grading protocol.



The candidate list includes the following columns.

Candidate ID
The candidate ID of the candidates. The list is sorted by this column.
The committee name. In this example you can see that candidate 3, 4 and 5 are graded by committee 2.
Marks (requires activation)
This column contains the current marks for the candidate.

Note: If the test is set up to award grades rather than scores on individual questions, this column will still show a number. That is because a grade is stored with a numerical value in the database in exactly the same way as a numeric score.

Your grade 
The grade you have set will be shown here
Grades (only shown in final grading)
includes all the grades  from the graders in the committee separated by a "/". The "-" indicates no grades has been set.
Final Grades
This is the final grade and this value will only be set if the committee has approved final grading.
Grading deadline
If there is a grading deadline for the candidate it will be visible in this column.
This is not in use in this example as this is an exam without groups.
In group tests there will be an additional column with the group name for each candidate.


Planner view

The planner can see the same candidate list, and will be able to see “your grade” set by graders at any stage in the grading.


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