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Inspera Assessment's oral question type is for oral examinations where the test taker is not required to submit a product. The question will only be available for the grader and the evaluation is done live during the examination. As soon as the candidate is given a grade the exam ends and the duration stops. It is possible to resume after the grade has been set.

Create an oral exam (for planners)



1. As a grader you can start to mark an oral exam when the test start time is reached. Click Grade your candidates.


2. As soon as the oral or practical exam starts for a student the grader clicks Start oral exam.


3. When the exam has started for the chosen candidate, the Duration will update continuously. The grader can set a grade directly or open the different questions.


Click on the question number to see the question text. The question text in an oral exam is not viewable by the student and is written for the graders only. It could be a list of relevant questions the grader can ask the candidate or a list of what the candidate should include in his answers.




Candidate Status

It is the grader that will change the candidate’s status during an oral exam, since the candidate can not open the oral exam in Inspera Assessment. The initial status for a candidate is "Did not attend" (See the screenshot fron step 2 above).

Below shows the different actions that will change the candidates status during an oral exam.  


The grader can change the status of the candidate during the exam. These are the different statuses:

Start oral exam - The start time is set and duration will update continuously

End now -The duration will not be updated anymore

Withdraw - If the candidate decides to withdraw, the grader select this status

Reset - Everything will then be changed back to initial state. Note that these will also reset all private notes. It is not possible to reset a candidate that has been given a grade

Resume - Nothing is deleted. The duration will start to update again and the grader can change the grade and edit private notes

As soon as the candidate is given a grade, the exam ends and the duration stops. It is possible to resume after the grade has been set


Optional setting: Add external link

This feature requires activation.

For oral exams, we also offer the possibility to add an external link to the candidate. This could be to a video hosted on an external website, or to Google Drive or other cloud based services that allow direct linking. 

If this feature is activated, the option to add a link will be visible:

To add a link, just click "Add", paste the link into the field, and click Save. You can also edit or remove the link once it's added, click on the pencil to edit, and the x to remove it completely:

Once the grading of the candidate is finished, the planner can also access this link. 


Candidate's view

As for other exams, you can see oral exams on your dashboard. There are no start and end time for oral exams and there are no actions for you as a student.


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