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Oral exams are set up in the same way as all other tests. When the Planner is to create an oral exam, the Oral exam choice must be ticked under General settings during the test setup phase.


The only difference with an oral exam is the question set used in the exam. 


Question set for an Oral/Practical test

Inspera Assessment's oral question type is for oral or practical examinations where the student is not required to submit a product. The question type allows for the Planner to distribute links to any video conference system that the test center/institution prefers as well as instructions on the oral examination to each candidate and markers, in a structured way. Using this question type makes it possible to do all test management (planning, handling candidates and markers as well as feedback) digitally for oral/practical tests.

To prepare a question set for oral or practical test, create a question set and add one or more questions of the Oral type.

Note: A question set to be used in an oral or practical test can not include other question types, only the Oral type.

If you accidentally choose a question set that contains different types of questions than oral, you will receive a message about this:Muntlig_pr_ve_2_EN.PNG

Information: The candidates will not log in to Inspera Assessment for this assessment type.


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