Lost text in Essays

If you have deleted text in an essay question by mistake, there are two options to restore it. This functionality is available only for students.



1. Use the Undo button image-1.png
2. Use the Snapshot button image-2.png

When you click the Snapshot button, the message below will appear. Select one of the snapshots and then click Continue.


Note: Snapshots are saved in the browser memory. It will only be available in the ongoing session. If and when logging out, or refreshing the browser, the snapshots will be cleared.

You can roll back and restore your essay response to an earlier version. A new snapshot is taken every 15 minutes and is saved in the browser memory. This means

  • Snapshots work both online and offline
  • Navigating between question will NOT clear saved snapshots
  • Snapshots are only available within the same session
  • Refreshing the browser (not possible in Safe Exam Browser) will clear saved snapshots
  • Restoring a snapshot will also create a new snapshot of current work. This enables you to roll forward to the newest version if needed.

Contact an invigilator if none of the options work, they will have additional options for assisting you.


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