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Use labels to tag your questions with, for example, specific subjects. This helps you find a specific question easily or narrow search results in the question bank.

Note: Although labels of two characters or fewer can be added, they are not searchable. To be included in the search, the label must include at least three characters.


How to create a Label

Within the Author module, begin by creating a question.

  1. To the right of the page, within the General options panel, open the Labels dropdown.
  2. Type a label name and click + add, or enter. You can add several labels to one question.
  3. In the top-right corner, Click Save.


Now, you can filter to find questions with specific labels in Author > Questions.

  1.  In the top-right corner, Click image-1.pngFilters.
  2. Select the Labels dropdown and start to type the label name (minimum 3 characters are required).

Using labels to filter questions is a way of sorting and organizing questions. However, it is not possible to filter out questions having more than one label.

Question1 has label1
Question2 has label2
Question3 has label1 and label2

Filtering on label1 and label2 will result in all these three questions appearing in the view.



To remove a label from a question, first click on the label, and then click the cross in the upper right corner of the label. Etikett_2_EN.png

Tip: Labels can be added at any time, not just as you create the question.
Information: It is not possible to edit or remove labels from questions in a bulk operation.


Add questions to question sets by using labels

If a question is created outside the question set or in the context of another question set, you can search for labels to add the question to the question set from the question bank. 

1. In the question set, add the question by clicking Add from Question Bank.


2. Search the label to see only questions with the selected label. 


3. Select the label you are searching for.

4. Click the question you want to add to the question set, and then press Add.

Note: You can select several questions before pressing "Add". 

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