Manage Language, Profile and Notifications Settings

Within Settings, you can edit your profile settings, or choose a language.



Edit Profile

  1. Click settings.pngSettings Edit profile.
  2. You can update the following:
    • first name
    • last name
    • email address
    • password

Contact a User Administrator at your institution if you need different roles and access levels

Set the Default Language

  1. Click settings.pngSettings > Language dropdown > Select a default language.

The following languages are supported within the Admin and Candidate dashboard of Inspera Assessment:

  • English
  • Norwegian (bokmål and nynorsk)
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Icelandic
  • Welsh
  • Portuguese


These languages are not available in Inspera Integrity Browser, Proctoring, and Inspera Originality, where only English is available.

Manage your notification settings

Some notifications are activated by default, depending on your user role. Update your notification settings to select the events you would like to receive notifications on. You can choose to receive notifications by e-mail, receive them in the notification center in Inspera Assessment, or both. Or you can turn off notifications for events you don’t want to be notified of.

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