It is possible for the Planner to export results from a test. The format of the file is JSON and it is available to download from the main page of the test.

Information: This feature is only visible if enabled for your institution. To activate this feature, please contact Inspera Service Desk.

Once a test is complete, it will be possible for the planner to generate the export from the test overview.

The generated export will then be available to download as a .json file. The only prerequisite for generating the result export is that the test end time is passed. The test does not have to be graded for the result export to be generated.

It is possible to generate this export again if any new information is available, like if a candidate has submitted late or gotten a new chance to submit.



Inspera does not do any processing of the file, but it can be processed by other software to output more manageable data. Some use Excel, and some program their own processing of the json file.

Some question types are not suitable for this export, mainly hotspot and similar question types where the output is a coordinate that tells the player how to display the answer. The response will still be a part of the export but the usability is limited.


The export contains the following information for each candidate:

  • Start and end time
  • Time spent on each question
  • Answer given on each question
  • Possible scores for each question
  • Automatic scores achieved on questions
  • Manual scores given on questions


Open and read .json files

The information in the result of export can be read using Notepad++ (Windows only), however other software may also be used to read the data.

Here is a quick guide on how to make the data easier to read using Notepad++.

  1. Download Notepad++, the newest version is always recommended.
  2. Open Notepad++ and select plugins -> plugins admin... -> Seach for json -> select JSON Viewer and install it.
  3. Export and download the result export from the test and open it with Notepad++.
  4. Open the tab in Notepad++ which contains the data, select plugins -> JSON Viewer -> Format JSON.

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