Export marks and grades to CSV

Available for Planners.

The planner can export the marks for each candidate on each question in a test. The export link is available from the candidate list in grading. This option is only accessible for single assessments, i.e., when there are no associated assessments under it.



1. Click the option from the Download-menu and then click Generate exports. 


2. A csv-file will be generated. Click the Download .csv-file button to download.


The grades will only be available when the grading has been completed. If you want another export later, click Regenerate exports to download a new version with fresh data. 

The file can be opened in Excel or a Google sheet by importing data from the file menu. Be sure to select comma as the field delimiter.

Below is an example test with two candidates and four questions, one manually marked and one automatically marked. Final grade is not included because grading was not finished at the time the export was generated. 




Columns in the .csv file include:


Candidate ID for the candidate


Internal Inspera database user ID of the candidate


The questions will be numbered as they are in the test, for example, alphanumeric. Question types Document and Form are excluded.


Internal Inspera database ID of the question


If the question is manually marked the user id and username of the evaluator will be shown in these columns, otherwise it will just be empty/null.

Tests with individual marks workflow: If more than one grader has marked the question each grader will be shown in a separate column.

Tests with shared marks workflow: The user ID will be replaced with a workgroup ID and ID of individual graders is not included.


Manually graded scores are listed here, and the value will be empty/null for automatically marked questions.

If a grader has overridden an automatically marked question, this column will contain the value of the overridden mark.  


For automatically marked questions this column will show the calculated score.


The column will be empty until the test is evaluated with a final grade.  







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