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Preview the question to make sure that it displays as intended. If the question contains images, math formulas (LaTeX) or other content, the preview will assure you that the question will be displayed properly for the students.

The preview also allows you to check that the scoring rules work as intended.

Read more about automatically marked questions. The scoring rules are checked by answering the question in preview mode, this will calculate the score.

Note: For automatically scored question types the preview will contain an option to “Check answer”. This is not included in the student's version of the question.



  1. Go to Question sets or Questions under Author
  2. Select one and click Preview


It is also possible to preview questions in edit mode. Click preview icon  in the top right corner.


Test correct answers

To make sure that correct answers for automatically marked questions are well defined, use the preview functionality. In the preview mode, you can try out the different answers and see if the score is calculated as intended. 

This is especially important for more complex questions, where more than one interaction element is added.

Answer the question in preview mode and click "Check answer" at the bottom. This will give you the calculated score for your answers. If you want to try a different answer on the same question, click "Try again" next to the score. 

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