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The Monitor module allows you to get live insight into the candidate's progress and status. You can also select between a range of actions. Planner, Chief Invigilators, Invigilators, and Graders have access to the Monitor module.


Available columns

In the list view, you have access to a range of columns with information. Note that not all roles have access to all information, this is the complete list seen by a planner with extended access. 




1st column (unnamed)

Indicates submission status:

  • Warning triangle - candidate lost internet connection at one point during the test
  • Green tick - candidate has submitted
  • Blank - not submitted, no offline episodes 

Explanation request

  • Requested

Explanation status

  • Not created
  • Draft
  • Ready
  • Sent
  • Read


Selected candidate ID


Shows the status on the candidate connection. Online/Inactive.


Indicates the candidate progress:

  • Inactive
  • Dashboard
  • Ready
  • In progress
  • Paused
  • Submitted
  • Blank submission
  • Withdrawn


Displays warnings (only for tests with a duration of less than 24 hours):

  • Application Code Tampered
  • Client audio rewind
  • Cline resource load timeout
  • Device Security Violation Detected
  • Idle warning
  • Inspera Integrity Browser slow startup time
  • Invalid version of Inspera Integrity Browser
  • Lockdown browser error
  • Lockdown Browser Uploading Canceled
  • Moderate Security Applied
  • Monitor audio rewind
  • Network error
  • Net Lockdown Browser Login
  • New Open Browser Login
  • Offline (by default, only tests with a period of less or equal to 24 hours are visible)
  • Open Security Applied
  • Proctoring Recording Error
  • Quit SEB
  • Strict Lockdown Failed
  • Strict Security Applied
  • Suspicious Behaviour Detected
  • Timed out - Candidates who have timed out the test and not yet submitted.

Minutes spent

The number of minutes since the test was started by the candidate, up until the point they click submit, or the test time has finished.

Minutes remaining mceclip0.png

How many minutes the candidate has remaining on the test


Test types:

  • Open-book
  • Closed-book


Name of the test

Test start time

Start date and time

Test status

Status on the test:

  • Created
  • Scheduled
  • Active
  • Finished
  • Grading in progress
  • Graded

Test end time

End date and time

Submission saved

Timestamp for last saved version of the submission

Candidate started

Timestamp for when the candidate started the test

Candidate submitted

Timestamp for when the candidate submitted

Group name

Name of group for Group exam

Extra time

Number of planned extra time (minutes)

Incident time

Number of incident extra time (minutes)


Displays if resubmission is enabled/disabled

ID Check

Status on ID check:

  • ID not checked
  • ID verified
  • ID rejected


Status on candidate attendance:

  • Not set
  • Not attending
  • Attending


Information on candidate location


Information on candidate location

Question set

Question set used in test


Name on the Planner on the test

Spell Checker

Status on spell checker:

  • Enabled
  • Disabled

Evaluation type

Information from external system (requires integration)

Timeframe code

Information from external system (requires integration)

Grades transferred

Shows as enabled if the final grade has been transferred to a connected external system, and disabled if not.


Name of assigned committee

Authentication type

Name of authentication type, usually the specific SSO provider. Feide, Google, MSADFS.


Shows if a candidate is flagged.

Restrict publishing until

Date for allowed publishing of submission, usually a thesis that is restricted for a period of time.


Shows if the submission is available, or the time stamp for when the candidate chose to remove the submission. 

The column will only contain information if this feature is enabled on the test.






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