Question type - Document


Not marked question. 

The question is used to provide candidates with information. 


Document is a question type used to provide information to the candidates. It is visible to the candidates, but is not counted in the numbering for the questions. 

The candidates cannot respond to the document, which is why it is not a marked question. 


When setting up a document, you can do the following in the question's edit mode: 


1. Select the font size of headings.

2. Add math (LaTeX), files, tables, links, PDF and / or images to the document. 

3. Set general options for the question type. For document, you can choose to add main illustration, PDF panel and labels. Read more about general options for questions


Candidate experience

For the candidates, the question type Document will look like this:


 The question type Document is presented to the candidates as in the image above, with an "i" in the upper left corner as well as in the bottom menu (in this case to the left). 

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