This functionality makes it possible to grade candidates without using Inspera Assessments built-in grading tool. The feature is available for graders only.

Information: This feature requires activation.


Export grades to xls-format:

Note: While the export is available for Planners, it will only contain the candidate list and not the grades. Any existing grades will only be included when a grader downloads the file. 


1. Select Grading in the main menu, and find the relevant test.
2. From the Download-menu, select Grades to Excel:


3. A xls-file will immediately be downloaded to your computer:


The file will contain to columns only, Candidate ID and Grade.
If the candidates have not been given any grades yet, the Grade column will be empty.


Import grades from .xls

If you wish to enter grades in Excel instead of doing it inside Inspera Assessment, follow these steps:

  1. Download a .xsl-file as described above.
  2. Open the file in Excel or similar and input grades.
    The grades in the Excel-file, must coincide with the grading scale used for the test.
  3. Click the Grades from XLS-option:
  4. Locate and select the .xls-file on your computer. Press Done when finished.
Note: Only grades with a corresponding candidate ID will be imported. The candidate ID cannot be changed in the Excel file.
Note: If you use the grading scale Pass/Fail, or Passed/Not passed, you need to register the grades as Pass/NotPass in the Excel document for the import to work.



  • Grades in XLS file will overwrite any existing grades in Inspera Assessment
  • Empty grades (cells) in XLS will not overwrite existing grades in Inspera Assessment
  • You can re-upload your XLS at any time.
  • Candidates who have not started the test will get status Submitted if a grade is imported

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