Question type - Form


Not marked question.

Question that allows the candidates to fill in additional information during a test.


Form is a question type used as a questionnaire, so that the candidates can provide additional data (metadata) that the institution wants to collect. The purpose is mainly to gather information relevant to the submission, such as approval for publication, statements about the content, information about the candidates, etc. 

Note: This question type visible to the grader if the submission is printed, but the candidate's answer to the form question can be omitted. If the form question is used to collect sensitive information, you can contact Service Desk to change the setting. 


Setting up a form

In the question's edit mode, you can do the following:


1. Enter the form wording or other desired question text.

2. Add math (LaTex), files, tables, links, PDF, images and / or audio clips to the question text.

3. Add one or more interaction elements (question types) by clicking +Insert.

The interaction elements that are added will serve as a form field, which the candidate will fill out or answer. Available question types are:  Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, True / False, Text Entry, Numeric Entry, Inline Choice and Text Area.

4. Set general options for the question type. For Form you can choose to add main illustration, PDF panel and labels. Read more about general options for questions

Note: Since the interaction elements will act as a form field, it is not possible to add marks to the question. 


Specific options on question level

Each interaction element for the chosen question type has its own specific options. These appears by clicking on the selected interaction element. 


The example above shows the question type Multiple Choice. 

Read more about the specific options for each question type:

Note: Since Form is a not marked question, you do not have the option to add correct answers to the question types that can be inserted. 


(i) External identifier 

For information on external identifier, read general options for questions

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