Automatically marked question.

The question is answered by typing a word or a short sentence.

Text Entry is a question type where candidates can answer the question by filling in a word or a short sentence in a blank field. The field can be placed at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the question text. 


Text Entry question layout

In the question's edit mode, the following can be completed: 


  1. Replace text with desired question text.
  2. Add math (LaTeX), files, tables, links, PDF, images and / or audio clips to the question text.
  3. Insert more interaction elements by clicking on +Insert.
  4. Set general options for the question type. For more information, refer to the general options for questions article.

    Marks: For more information about question marking, refer to the Question scoring - Basic and Question scoring - Advanced articles.

  5. Select Advanced settings. 
  • Allow unique responses only applies to questions with more than one question element. The purpose is to avoid awarding too many marks when a correct answer is repeated in the question elements.

    Example: A question asks for the four largest cities in Norway. The candidate shall input each answer in a separate text entry element, and all four cities are defined as correct answer on all four text entry elements. If the candidate enters "Oslo" in all four text entry elements, they will receive correct marks for all four questions. With this option enabled, the candidate will only receive one correct mark if "Oslo" was entered in all four text entry elements as duplicate entries are ignored.

    Note: The setting is available at the question level. 

Specific options

Clicking on the interaction element (text box) provides specific options for the question type. 



Correct answers

Enter the correct answer in the text box. The answer can contain both numbers and text (maximum 50 characters, including spaces).

Tip: Avoid using too many words because a single misplaced character in the candidates' answer will be marked as incorrect.

For questions that require longer answers, consider using the Text Area question type.

Note: Correct answers are language independent. If multiple language versions are to be used, ensure to enter the correct answers in all languages.



  • Case sensitive: If enabled, the automatic scoring mechanism will only mark the answer as correct if it matches the solution exactly. For example, if the answer is "task", then "Task" will not be considered correct.
  • Ignore whitespace: If enabled, this option will remove the whitespace characters (" ") from the candidates' answer before comparing it with the correct answer.
  • Expand input field automatically: The specified text box will expand automatically when the candidate enters more than the expected length of the text box. Note that this option cannot be combined with Restrict number of characters to input width.
  • Restrict number of characters to input width: This sets the maximum number of characters the candidate can enter their answer to be the same length as the text field width. A warning will appear if the length is shorter than the length of the correct answer. The question cannot be saved unless this is actioned. 
  • Expected length (characters): This specifies the width of the specified text box, which is predefined as 20 characters. 


External identifier

For information on external identifier, read the general options for questions article. 


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