Question scoring - Basic

This article explains how you can award marks for automatically marked questions, and how you can change the maximum marks for manually marked questions.

Tip: Always answer the question in preview mode to verify that marks are awarded as intended.


Setting maximum marks for manually marked questions

The Maximum marks defines the highest possible number of marks a grader may give to a candidate answer in the grading tool. When creating a manually marked questions, the author can define the maximum marks.


Simple scoring

Applies to all automatically marked questions.

For all question types the author can set the scoring rules in the panel to the right of the editor. The simple scoring rules supports:

  • Marks per correct answer   
  • Marks per wrong answer


Scoring per alternative

Applies to Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, True/False, Inline Choice.

When you select the "By alternative", "Marks per correct answer" and "Marks per wrong answer" will be disabled.
To define the marks per alternative you have to focus on the interaction in the editor.

In the panel on the right you can define marks per alternative. This must be defined for all interaction elements in the question.



Information: Looking for advanced question scoring? You can find it here:
Advanced question scoring.

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