User membership - hierarchical support

Note: Contact the Inspera Service Desk to set up new organization units for your institution. Although organization units can be created using CSV, if your institution decides to use CSVs to manage the Org units, it will be incompatible with Inspera's open APIs.

Every user can have a membership to one or several Organization units.

Organization units are used for organizing the users and content sharing. Instead of having to share a piece of content with each and every user within e.g a faculty, a user can decide to share the content with all members of that organization unit (faculty). 

If a user has a membership to a parent node he automatically has memberships to all sub-organization units, including units added in the future. This is shown in the example below. Child memberships are checked and read-only.


If a user has membership to all sub-organization units below a parent organization, they will not automatically get membership to units added in the future. 
This is shown in the example below with the parent node partly filled: 


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