Assign learners by test code

Available for Planner

Instead of adding candidates to a test, you can invite candidates by sharing a test code. The candidates who are given the test code will have the opportunity to take the test by first signing in to Inspera with their SSO, and then entering the code.

Note: This feature requires activation. The test code will only work with SSO candidates or Permanent student users.


Enable "Test code" (for Planner)

In test setup next to Invitation mode, click Invite by sharing Test Code.


When you change the setting to invite by sharing test code, the option to add candidates will be removed. 


When the test is activated, a test code will be generated and visible for the Planner. The test code consists of three letters, representing the school/institution the test is available in, followed by numbers.Pr_vekode_2_EN.JPG

Once the test is activated, the test code can be distributed to the candidates who will take the test.

Note: The candidate list in Monitor will be updated as the candidates enroll in the test. If some candidates needs extra time, spell check or other individual settings, this can only be put on the candidate after they have started the test.


Anonymous or non-anonymous candidates

It is possible to have anonymous candidates in combination with the test code. The setting for anonymous or non-anonymous candidates can be found under General settings in the test settings. This setting cannot be changed after activation.

If the test was anonymous, the names of the candidates can be found by the Grader in the Grading module after the grading has been confirmed.


Candidate Experience

The candidates log on to Inspera Assessment as they would normally do using SSO credentials. 


The candidate can register the test code by clicking Register. If the candidate is assigned to tests already, this button can be found further down, at the end of the list.


Once the code is registered, the test will be available in "My tests". If the test window is open, the candidate can start the test immediately.


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