Flagging of candidates

Flagging in the Monitor Module

Flagging a candidate in the Monitor module serves as a personal visual marker for the user who set the flag. This feature allows invigilators to mark candidates who may require follow-up actions or additional attention during or after an examination. It is crucial to note that these flags are only visible to the user who created them and do not appear to other users, including graders in later stages.

For example, if you are an invigilator and flag a candidate during an exam, this flag serves as a reminder or alert for you alone. This flagging does not affect the candidate’s status or records and is not visible during the Grading process. The flag is simply a tool to help manage the monitoring process more effectively, indicating that a candidate may need further investigation or intervention.

Flag individual and multiple candidates for follow-up

  1. In Monitor, select one or more candidates.
  2. On the bottom menu, click Flag to flag a candidate, or you can use the dropdown menu at the right for individual candidates.
    • To unflag a candidate, click Unflag.

You can later filter the flagged candidates under Properties. 



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