Assign tests to Organizational Units

This feature requires activation. Please contact Service Desk to activate.

This is available for Planners.


You can assign tests to an organizational unit. Previously when creating a test, users had to be added individually as contributors and then assigned a specific role. Now, based on the organizational unit a user is assigned to, they will automatically get access according to their role.

Note: Currently, the only available roles that you can assign are Planners, Chief Invigilators or Invigilators.

We only recommend this feature for institutions that do not mark submissions directly in Inspera Assessment.

  • If new tests are added to same org unit, users within the org unit will automatically gain access to that as well.
  • Users can be added to org units, with multiple tests per org unit.

Assigning tests to Organizational Unit

Tests can be assigned to organizational units within in the Deliver module.


  • Only Planners have access to edit Test Unit Location
  • Test Unit Location can be edited at all test statuses
  1. Select the empty field, Unit.

  2. A new window will open where you can assign a unit.
    • Click on the empty field to begin typing, or choose from a selection in the drop-down menu.
    • Hierarchies will be displayed in a drop-down list, click on the drop-down menu to expand the selection.
    • Click Done once you have assigned your unit.


  3. Your location has been assigned under the Unit field box.


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