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In Inspera Assessment, a Committee refers to a group of one or more graders who are responsible for assessing and grading candidate work. 

The use of a grading committee in Inspera Assessment is particularly useful for large-scale assessments, where it may not be feasible for a single grader to evaluate all of the candidate work in a timely and accurate manner. By working together, the members of the grading committee can ensure that grading is consistent and fair across all candidates, regardless of who is evaluating their work.

You can assign specific graders to candidates using Committees. You can create multiple committees and have multiple graders in the same committee. You can also choose the number of candidates in each committee.




How to create a Committee

To get started, you can begin creating committees within the Deliver module.


  1. Within the Committees test setup, click Manage
  2. Click Add committee Create committee.
  3. Assign a Committee name. Click Add.
Note: we recommend not using the word 'committee' within the name of your committee to avoid a repetition of the word in the grade tool. 


How to assign graders and candidates

You can manage your committees manually, or via CSV file. You can add Graders and Candidates before or after your create a committee.


How to assign graders and candidates manually

Assign graders

Only users that are added as contributors with the role, grader, are displayed. 

  1. Within the Committees test setup, select a committee and click Edit graders.
  2. Select the grader(s) to add to the committee. Click Finish.

Assign candidates

  1. To assign your candidate to a committee, in the Candidates test setup, click Manage.
  2. Select your candidates and click Edit grading committee.
  3. Select your committee and click Update.

How to add committees from CSV

This feature requires activation. Please contact the Service Desk to activate. 

Note: Importing committees from CSV is only available before grading begins.

How to import committees via CSV

  1. To create your committees using CSV, in the Committees test setup, click Manage
  2. Click Add committee Add from CSV. The required format will be displayed in the window.
  3. Upload your CSV.
  4. Select the committees to assign a grader to and click Edit graders.
  5. Assign your graders and click Finish.


Managing Committees

Once you have created your committees, you can select a committee to bring up the following options:

  • Edit graders: this will pull up a list of all the graders that have been added as contributors to this test, and you will have the option to add and/or remove graders from the committee. 
  • Edit workflow: by default, the committee will use the grading workflow settings that are set on the overall test. It is possible to customise this for each committee. The settings you can apply are:
    • General workflow
    • Collaboration settings
    • Confirmation of marks and grade

      If you want to learn more about the Grading workflow, see Test settings - Grading workflow.
  • Delete committee: this will delete the committee, however, it will not remove the graders as contributors on your test, nor will it delete any candidates that have been assigned to that committee. 




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