Role description - Committee Moderator

Overview of functionality

Inspera Assessment supports a Moderator feature as a Quality Assurance role when marking and grading a test. The moderator’s job is to quality assure marks and grades when the committee has completed and confirmed grading. The moderator does not carry out any marking or grading themselves. Moderation is optional for a test and is a separate process after final grading is confirmed by committees.


Overview of roles

There are three roles necessary for moderation - Moderator, Planner and Grader. The moderator is not a role that can be assigned in user admin, but an adaptation of the existing grader system role. The moderator starts out as a grader, and is then assigned as a moderator in the committee. The responsibilities of these roles in the context of the moderation process, are described below.


  • Work is reviewed by the moderator.
  • Receives notification about changes in moderation status. 
  • Can be assigned as a moderator, in which case the section below applies.


  • Has view access to submission, marks and grades set by the other graders in the committee.
  • Sets moderation status of own committee.
  • Can not set marks or grades.
  • Can download submissions.
  • Can export results. 
  • Leave comment to other graders, but not to the candidates .
  • Receives notifications for moderation process. 
  • Review the candidates flagged by planner.


  • Can promote one grader in a committee to a Moderator.
  • Flags candidates for moderation.
  • Send and receive notifications for moderation process
    • Notify the moderators once graders have completed grading and planner has flagged candidates
    • When moderation status is set by a moderator, Planner and co-graders will receive notification
  • Reopen Final grading when moderation status is either Needs revising or Unsatisfactory
  • Remove graders from a committee and add new ones
    • If graders are removed from a committee and new graders are added to the committee, they will start without any scores/grades set. The comments from former graders will still be visible

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