How to save submission as file and upload offline submission

This procedure can be used if the candidate has lost their internet connection and it is not likely that the connection can be re-established without exiting Safe Exam Browser. The procedure is available for chief invigilator and planner, and users with extended access.

There will be an offline warning for the student in Monitor, and the student will get a warning in the test about loss of internet connection.

In case of loss of internet, the submission will keep being saved in Safe Exam Browser's local storage.

The downloaded file is encrypted, and cannot be accessed outside of Inspera, and it cannot be uploaded to anyone else but the student it was downloaded from.

  • Please make sure you have a memory stick ready.
  • This procedure requires the invigilator password.
  • Do not exit Safe Exam Browser until instructed in the first section below
Note: The procedure is the same for open browser tests. The difference is that the invigilator password is not required.


Save submission as file

This part is done on the candidate's computer.

  1. Go to the hamburger menu at the top right and choose "Save submission as file".
  2. Enter the invigilator password, and then click Save submission.
    • It is possible to let the student deliver blank - checking this box will result in an empty submission. This cannot be undone, and the submission cannot be restored if this is chosen.
    • Mac: The download is confirmed, and the student and the invigilator gets information on where to find the file on the computer.
    • Windows: The download is not confirmed, but the file can be found in the standard download folder - usually C:\Users\<username>\Downloads.
  3. Exit SEB from the hamburger menu, confirm by clicking "Quit".
  4. Find the file at the download location and transfer it to a memory stick.
    • The file name is similar to "Cand_0001-test_12345678.ia" .
    • For devices without USB ports, the file can be uploaded to a cloud service and shared so that the invigilator can access it. 


Upload offline submission

This part is done by the planner or chief invigilator in monitor. 

Warning: If the test is using random pulling of questions, the offline submission will not reflect this. This means that all questions, including those not pulled for the candidate, will be visible in the student submission after uploading the offline file.
  1. Plug in the memory stick from the previous step, Save submission as file. If the file was stored in a cloud service, download it to the computer.
  2. Open the candidate list for the test, either via the Deliver or the Monitor tool.
  3. Locate and select the candidate.
    • If the candidate has already submitted, which can be the case for tests with auto submission, use the action menu to open for resubmission before the next step.
  4. Choose Upload submission from the Actions menu.
  5. Click Select file and locate the offline submission file on your computer. 
  6. Once the upload is complete, click Close.
  7. Candidate status is changed to "Submitted". The contents of the submission are both what was written when the student was online, and later offline.


Continue test

To allow the student to continue the test after re-establishing internet connection:

  1. In the candidate list, select the candidate and choose the action Open for resubmission and confirm the action.
  2. Add Incident extra time if required.
  3. The student logs into Inspera again and opens the test in Safe Exam Browser.
  4. Invigilator password must be entered to continue the test



Q: Is this procedure possible also for open tests without lockdown browsers?
A: Yes.

Q: Does it work the same way in an open browser?
A: Yes, but there is no need for an invigilator password.

Q: If the candidate has lost internet connection during the test, will the file include the candidate's answer to all questions, or only the ones answered after the connection was lost?
A: The file will contain all answers from both before and after the connection was lost.

Q: Can the candidate continue writing even if there is no internet connection, and if so, what happens when the time runs out?
A: Yes, the candidate can continue writing. All responses are stored locally. When the candidate is finished and wants to submit, the submit button will be replaced with a button to download the offline submission. The same button is available if the candidate is redirected to the submit page after the time runs out. 
The offline submission can then be uploaded following the same instructions.

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