What is Text manipulation detection?

In addition to providing similarity-checking and AI authorship prediction, Inspera Originality can also detect text manipulations and offer a comprehensive report on findings. Text manipulation usually includes techniques to avoid flagging potential academic integrity misconduct (E.g., replacing characters from another language, hiding text in white to increase the word count, and so on).

The text manipulation detection feature covers the following manipulation techniques:

Character Replacement

Character replacement refers to the action of replacing certain characters in a document with characters from another alphabet in an attempt to evade originality-checking. Inspera Originality can detect these changes comprehensively and with high accuracy. All character substitutes are highlighted in the Originality Report and an exact number of replaced characters is provided. 

Characters that are from other languages will be highlighted

Hidden Text

Hidden text refers to the action of concealing additional text or symbols within a document. This is achieved by adding text or symbols in document whitespaces and making adjustments to sizing and coloring. Inspera Originality can detect these alterations with high accuracy and pinpoint the exact whitespaces where text or symbols were inserted. 

Text that is hidden or colored in white will be picked up

Image in place of text

This is where a snapshot of a text is included in a document and camouflaged as regular text in between paragraphs. Images of this sort are pinpointed and highlighted in red, allowing evaluators to understand that images highlighted in this color require attention as being possibly used to avoid originality checking. Regular images included in the document for illustration purposes are highlighted in green for clarity. 

Images that contain text will be highlighted in red

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