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LTI is an abbreviation for Learning Tool Interoperability, a protocol developed to enable the integration of external tools within a Learning Management System (LMS). 

This document outlines the integration process of Inspera Originality within the Blackboard LMS. Inspera Originality serves the purpose of providing enhanced plagiarism detection through AI as well as cross-lingual document similarity checking to provide a comprehensive Originality Report on all findings.

Note that the connection between the Blackboard LMS and Inspera Originality will enable the two to share information smartly and securely. This integration aims to provide an easier means to access the tool for students, teachers, and administrators.


1. Registering a New Application: Blackboard Developer Portal

Before the LTI can be integrated into the Blackboard Learning Management System, the first step is to register the LTI as a new application through the Blackboard Developer Portal. Note that this process is to be completed by an Administrator. 

  1. First, log into the Blackboard Developer Portal as an Administrator
  2. Click My Application > + > Manual Registration 


  1. Complete the following fields:
  • Application Name
    • Set a unique name for the tool you will register
  • Description 
    • Add a brief description of the tool
  • Domain(s)
    •  Enter the domain of the application server or the URL where the application is hosted. Note that the domain also specifies the URL from which the application can be accessed. 
  • Groups 
    • Groups are linked to email addresses. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that while the admin can add multiple groups, there can only be one production group. When an application is registered, specifying the group it belongs to is necessary. 

  1. Switch on the My Integration supports LTI 1.3 toggle and fill in the required fields:  
  • Signing Algorithm
    • RS256

  1. Click Register Application

Doing so will display a set of values crucial to the integration process. These values are necessary to facilitate the communication between Blackboard and Inspera Originality. They enable the registration of the platform in the Inspera Database. Make note of the Application ID as it will be required later during the registration process. 


  1. Click Done to return to the My Applications page.  

2. Blackboard LMS: Configuring the LTI Integration

The next step is to integrate the LTI within the Blackboard Learning Management System. 

  1. Log into Blackboard as an Administrator
  2. Click Admin

  1. Click LTI Tool Providers from the Integrations section. 

  1. Click Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool as shown below:  

You will be prompted for the ClientID, which is the ApplicationID shown in the previous step. 

  1. Add the ClientID and click Submit.  

Upon clicking submit, the next step is to configure a number of sections. 

2.1 Tool Status

Once the ClientID is submitted, the Tool Status section will appear with prefilled data. 

  1. Set the Tool Status to Approved


2. Enter the necessary Custom Parameters in the Tool Provider Custom Parameters field. 

institution_name=Inspera Blackboard LMS

faculty_name=Inspera Blackboard LMS - General Faculty\

department_name=Inspera Blackboard LMS - General Department




2.2 Institution Policies

  1. Complete the Institution Policies section as outlined below: 
  • User Fields to Send:. 
    • Check the Role in Course box
    • Check the Name box
    • Check the Email Address box
  • Allow Grade Service Access
    • Set this option to No
  • Allow Membership Service Access
    • Set this option to No

  1. Click Submit

The tool will now appear in the Administrator Tools section. 

2.3 Placements

Defining where the tool is available within the LMS is important. 

  1. Open the tool’s Options menu and select Manage Placements

  1. Afterwards, click Create Placement

  1. Set the Type to Course tool and enable the Allow Student Access option.  
  2. Set the Target Link URI to

  1. Lastly, click on the Submit button.

3. Adding an Activity: Teacher

The next step entails the addition of an activity. Teachers can integrate Inspera Originality by adding it as an external tool to a module or topic. This is achieved by providing a tool link to Inspera Originality. 

  1. First, log into Blackboard as a Teacher
  2. Navigate to a Course and click Content > Tools > More Tools > IO LTI 1.3

  1. Complete the required fields as outlined below: 
  • Link Name 
    • Set a name for the link to the tool
  • Text:
    • Completing the text field is optional. 
  • Available
    • This option determines whether or not the content is made available to the users/students enrolled in the course
      • Set the Available option to - Yes
  • Track Number Of View Option
    • This option provides the capability of tracking the number of views a specific course content has had. 
      • Set the Track Number of Views option to - No
  • Date Restrictions: 
    • This option enables defining specific time frames for the availability of the course’s content, allowing students to access the content only for a limited amount of time. The time frame specifications made in the LMS will be inherited by Inspera Originality. 

3.1 Launching Inspera Originality: Teacher

  1. Click on the course containing the activity and then click on the activity name. 

This will redirect you to Inspera Originality. Note that the tool will launch on the same screen and the assignment created earlier within Blackboard will also appear within Inspera Originality.

  1. Click Update Assignment to conclusively add the assignment to Inspera Originality.

  1. Click Confirm to create the assignment and enable student submissions. 

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