D2L BrightSpace Integration: Inspera Originality


1. Overview

LTI is an abbreviation for Learning Tool Interoperability, a protocol developed to enable the integration of external tools within a Learning Management System (LMS). 

This document outlines the integration process of Inspera Originality within the D2L LMS. Inspera Originality serves the purpose of providing enhanced plagiarism detection through AI as well as cross-lingual document similarity checking to provide a comprehensive Originality Report on all findings.

Note that the connection between the D2L LMS and Inspera Originality will enable the two to share information smartly and securely. This integration aims to provide an easier means to access the tool for students, teachers, and administrators. 

2. Register & configure an external tool

  1. Click on Admin Tools > Manage Extensibility.


  1. Click on Advantage LTI > Register Tool.


  1. Choose Standard 



Clicking on Standard will reveal several fields required for registration. 

4. Choose the following extension(s): 

  • Assignment and Grade Services
  • Deep Linking
  • Names and Role Provisioning Services



1. In the Roles section,  select Send Institution Role 

2. Enter the necessary custom parameters


We’ve compiled a complete list of both the Substitution and Custom parameters that must be entered in these fields.

Substitution Parameters

  • username = $User.username
  • course_department = $CourseSection.dept
  • course_title = $CourseSection.title
  • course_startDate = $CourseSection.timeFrame.begin
  • course_endDate = $CourseSection.timeFrame.end

Custom Parameters

  • faculty_name = Inspera D2L LMS - General Faculty
  • department_name = Inspera D2L LMS - General Department
  • institution_name = Inspera D2L LMS
  • institution_platform = https://inspera.d2l-partners.brightspace.com/

Click on Register.



Upon clicking on Register, a pop-up appears and displays a set of values that are important to the process of configuring an external tool as they enable the registration of the platform in the Inspera database. 



Store these values in a safe location and click on Done as shown in the image above. 

Within the LTI Advantage tab, you can find the newly registered tool under the Tools list.

3. Tool deployment

The next step entails deploying the newly registered tool.

Navigate back to the main Administrator page and click on External Learning Tools.



Click on LTI Advantage > New Deployment. 



Under Tool, select the newly added tool from the dropdown menu and enter a name and description for the tool.


Check the following boxes In the Extensions section: 

  • Assignment and Grade Services
  • Names and Role Provisioning 

Proceed to the Security Settings section. In this section, tick all of the checkboxes except for the first one, which is Anonymous. This will enable the Learning Management System to share the selected details upon the launch of an activity. 


Click Add Org Units to make the tool available.



Clicking this button will trigger a pop-up that prompts for the selection of one or multiple organizations. 

Click Add.



The pop-up will close and a list of selected organizations will appear under the Add Org Units button as shown in the image below: 




Click Create Deployment. Upon doing so, the following pop-up will appear. 



Click on Done to close it.



The tool is now available and ready to be used. 


4. Adding an Activity: Teacher

The next step involves adding a new activity. A teacher can link to Inspera Originality by adding an external tool to a module or topic in D2L Brightspace.

Note: This step can only be performed after the successful completion of the configuration process for both D2L Brightspace and Inspera. 

  1. Proceed by logging into D2L Brightspace as a Teacher


  1. Select a Course by navigating to the first icon in the menu bar: 

Doing so will redirect you to the specific course page. 

  1. Click the Content icon: 


  1. Subsequently, click Existing Activities > External Learning Tools 

A list of current existing activities will appear. 

  1. Click on Create New LTI Link to create a new activity. Please note that a new LTI link must be created for every new activity. 

Set a title for the new activity and provide the LTI URL. Lastly, select the tool from the drop-down menu.

Note: In case of an unsuccessful registration, only the Legacy LTI Tool will appear in the tools drop-down menu. 

  1. Click the Create and Insert button. The link should now appear on the unit page.


4.1 Launching Inspera Originality: Teacher

Now that the Inspera Originality tool has been linked by the Teacher, the next step is to launch the tool. This is achieved by clicking on the name of the newly added activity. 

Note that Inspera Originality will launch on the same page within D2L Brightspace. However, this can be adjusted such that Inspera Originality opens in a new tab. 

To do so, simply click on the downward arrow located next to the activity name and then on Edit Properties in Place

Subsequently, select Open as an External Source


Now, launch the tool by clicking the activity name: 


Inspera Originality will launch and display the assignment created earlier in D2L Brightspace. 

Click Update Assignment to conclusively add the assignment to Inspera Originality. 

Click on the Confirm button to create the assignment and enable students to upload their assignments. Alternatively, click Cancel to return to the assignment configuration page. 

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