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LTI is an abbreviation for Learning Tool Interoperability, a protocol developed to enable the integration of external tools within a Learning Management System (LMS). 

This document outlines the integration process of Inspera Originality within the Canvas LMS. Inspera Originality serves the purpose of providing enhanced plagiarism detection through AI as well as cross-lingual document similarity checking to provide a comprehensive Originality Report on all findings.

Note that the connection between the Canvas LMS and Inspera Originality will enable the two to share information smartly and securely. This integration aims to provide an easier means to access the tool for students, teachers, and administrators. 

The setup process for Canvas is straightforward. The first step is to add and configure an LTI Developer Key. Doing so will generate a specific ClientID which will then be used to add an external app.

1. Configuring an LTI Developer Key

  1.  Begin by logging into Canvas as an Administrator
  2. Click Admin > (Account Name) Inspera Assessment 

  1. Afterward, click Developer Keys > + Developer Key > + LTI 

  1. Firstly, complete the generic information fields: 
  • Key Name
    •  The name for the new LTI Key
  • Owner email
    • The email of the individual responsible for owning the external tool
  • Redirect URI
    • The link to where the user will be redirected. This is made available by the tool provider.

Afterward, proceed to the Configure section.

1.1 Configure section

  1. Complete the Configure section as outlined below:  

1.2 LTI Advantage service

  1. Expand the LTI Advantage Service and address the presented options as outlined below: 
  • Can create and view assignment data in the gradebook associated with the tool
    • This option enables creating new assignments and viewing assignment data linked to a particular tool.
      • Enable this option
  • Can view assignment data in the gradebook associated with the tool
    • This option enables users to view detailed information related to assignments
      • Enable this option
  • Can create and update submission results for assignments associated with the tool
    • This option enables users to record and modify the results of student submissions. This ability pertains to assignment submissions. Each assignment is linked to a specific tool.
      • Enable this option
  • Can retrieve user data associated with the context the tool is installed in
    • This option enables the LTI Tool to retrieve data related to the context in which the tool was installed. This includes data related to courses, users, and other information relevant to the context of the tool. This information is employed to enhance user experience. 
      • Enable this option
  • Can lookup Account information
    • This option enables searching for and viewing user account information.
      • Enable this option
  • Can view submission data for assignments associated with the tool
    • This option enables access to information related to student submissions within a specific tool in Canvas.
      • Do not enable this option 
  • Can update public JWK for LTI services 
    • This option enables changing the message utilized to secure the communication between Canvas and external tools. 
      • Do not enable this option
  • Can view Progress records associated with the context the tool is installed in
    • This option enables viewing and or recording student-related data. 
      • Do not enable this option

Note: Please note that the selected options are required for the tool to operate properly and will not be employed for any other purposes. 

1.3 Additional Settings 

  1. Expand the Additional Setting section and enter the necessary custom parameters. 

These parameters enable Canvas to send the necessary data for assignment creation within Inspera Originality. 

  1. Set the Privacy Level to Public.

We’ve compiled a full list of Custom Parameters that must be entered in the field: 

institution_name=Inspera Canvas LMS

faculty_name=Inspera Canvas LMS - General Faculty

department_name=Inspera Canvas LMS - General Department








1.4 Placement section

  1. Open the Placement section drop-down menu and choose the following: 
  • Account Navigation
  • Link Selection 
  • Assignment Selection

  1. Expand the Account Navigation subsection and enter for the Target Link URI

  1. Click Save 

Clicking the Save button will redirect you to the Developer Keys page. This is where the ClientID for the LTI Key becomes available. Note that you must also enable the LTI Key by switching on the status toggle as shown in the image below: 

2. Configuring an external tool using the clientID

External apps that support LTI 1.3 and LTI Advantage are configured using a ClientID

  1. Click on Admin > Settings 

  1. Subsequently, click on Apps > View App Configuration 

  1. Afterward, click on +App 

You will be prompted to select a configuration type, in which case select By ClientID. This configuration method reduces the possibility of errors, which are more likely to occur when each input is entered manually.  

  1. Enter the ClientID and click the Submit button.

This will trigger a popup prompting you to install the new application. 

  1. Click Install

The new app will appear in the list of external apps

3. Adding an activity: Teacher

  1. Begin by logging into Canvas as a Teacher
  2. Afterward, navigate to a course and click +Assignments 

  1. Complete the following fields as outlined below: 

  • Assignment Name
    • Enter a name for the assignment
  • Points
    • Specify the number of points this assignment 
      • Ensure the scores are consistent by maintaining identical total points in both Inspera and Canvas. If a question set is created with 40 marks in Inspera, but in Canvas, the assignment is set for 10 marks, and a student scores 27 out of 40 in Inspera, the students will see the marks as 27 in Inspera. However, in Canvas, it will show as 6.75 marks with a maximum score of 10.
  • Submission Type
    • Set the submission type to External Tool. This will include Inspera Originality in the process. Click on the Find button to view the list of installed External Tools and then select the recently installed Inspera Originality tool as shown in the image below: 

4. Lastly, click Save & Publish 

3.1 Launching Inspera Originality: Teacher

Launching Inspera Originality is achieved by navigating to a specific course and clicking on the activity/assignment name. Upon doing so, a pop-up will appear. This is where you can specify and configure the settings for the activity. 

  1. Click Update Assignment to conclusively add the activity to Inspera Originality. 

Clicking on the Update Assignment button will trigger a popup message that prompts for final confirmation. 

Click Confirm to create the assignment and enable student assignment submission.  

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