Sentence information

Sentence information

Inspera Originality enables users to understand the originality level of a sentence by offering information related to a particular sentence found within the document. 

To access the sentence information, users need to click on a sentence or paragraph. The dialogue window contains information about the source and the sentence, followed by the Exclude Sentence, Change Source, and Include Sentence buttons. 


Found sentence 

The sentence information dialogue window contains information about the sentence where the similarity was found. 

This section contains two important pieces of information:

  • The main keywords where the similarity was found
  • The original text from the source

The keywords highlighted in the level of originality risk display information on the main words where the similarity was found between the two sentences, while the original text from source displays how the sentence was found from the source and enables the evaluator to understand the level of similarity.

Matching source

The source within the Sentence Information dialogue window provides the users with a link to the original source. This represents the URL where the URL with the highest level of similarity was found and is also presented with the corresponding index number on the matching sources list.


Change source button

Sentence information provides functionalities that enable users to change the source of the selected sentence. 

By clicking on a sentence within the document, users can interact with the Sentence Information dialogue window and press the Change Source button. Clicking on either source updates the source for the sentence, allowing the evaluators to be more in control of the Originality Report.


Exclude sentence as match

Excluding a sentence is one of the key features of the Sentence Information dialogue window. To exclude a sentence users must click on the Exclude Sentence as a match button within the dialogue window. 

Users can give a reason why they want to exclude a sentence, meaning that the evaluator may choose to state why they believe that this sentence has been flagged but ultimately is not relevant in the similarity checking. 

Excluding a sentence as a match will increase the originality level in the similarity analysis as it excludes the sentence from being relevant to the Originality Report.



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