What is Inspera Originality?

Inspera Originality is an originality-checking software solution designed to assist higher education institutions, and individuals in upholding academic integrity, while also accommodating K12 institutions. The software contains an advanced set of features and functionalities such as; advanced similarity checking, translation matching as well and AI authorship. 


The platform provides its users with a suitable digital environment that enables educators and candidates to correctly execute their day-to-day tasks regarding originality checking. Moreover, thanks to its features, the platform can easily be integrated into a wide range of diverse learning environments and methodologies. 

When it comes to ensuring originality, Inspera Originality takes a holistic approach by offering advanced similarity checking for multilingual and translation capabilities and AI authorship verification. 

Inspera Originality can be integrated within the Inspera Assessment workflow very easily and can be used for certain question types that qualify for Originality Checking. 

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