One-Way Navigation

This is available for Planners and Authors.

Inspera's One-Way Navigation is a Design setting that establishes a clear, one-directional path for candidates, eliminating backtracking. This can be particularly helpful in the context of tests that build on each question.

Information: This feature requires activation. Please contact the Service Desk to activate.


How to Enable One-Way Navigation

  1. Navigate to Design Settings.
  2. Click One-Way Navigation.
  3. Explore Additional Settings.

After enabling One-Way Navigation, you'll find two additional settings that are off by default:

  • Allow Candidate to Dismiss Confirmation: Let candidates dismiss confirmation prompts for faster progression. 
  • Prevent Candidate from Continuing Offline: Requires candidates to maintain an online connection to progress. This prevents candidates from continuing on with the test until a connection is restored.

Preview One-Way Navigation

  1. To preview One-Way navigation, click Preview Preview with One-Way Navigation.


When One-Way Navigation is enabled in the Design settings, Table of contents and Hide question titles are automatically enabled. You can turn them off after selecting One-Way Navigation.

How One-Way Navigation Works for Candidates

Enabling the "One Way Navigation" feature ensures that candidates cannot navigate back to previous test questions. Once a candidate answers a question and moves forward, they won't be able to revisit earlier questions. If a candidate attempts to skip a question, they will receive an alert, notifying them that revisiting the skipped question is not possible.

Submit a Blank Response

If a candidate skips a question, they are given the following prompt: 

  • "Submit a blank response? You are about to submit a blank response to this question. Once you've submitted your response you will not be able to return to this question."

Please be aware that this prompt cannot be automatically dismissed by the 'do not show me again' setting. This intentional design is in place to prevent candidates from accidentally submitting unanswered questions, ensuring a deliberate and informed decision when skipping a question.

Image: Skipping a question

Submit a Response

If a candidate answers a question, they are given the following prompt: 

  • "Submit your response? This test uses One-Way Navigation. Once you've submitted your response you will not be able to return to this question."

Image: Submit your response

One-Way Navigation with Other Inspera Features

Randomized Questions

When questions are randomized, each candidate is presented with a unique set in a different order. This minimizes the ability to share answers, as the sequence varies. Simultaneously, the enforcement of a one-way navigation system ensures candidates cannot revisit or backtrack to previously answered questions. This double-layered approach not only reduces the predictability of the test, making cheating strategies challenging but also restricts candidates to a linear progression, minimizing collaboration opportunities and external assistance during the assessment. Together, randomized questions and one-way navigation significantly enhance the security and integrity of the testing environment.

Considerations for Administrators

Resubmission: Although One-Way Navigation works with the current resubmission functionality, candidates opting for resubmission will need to retake the entire test, with previous answers visible and editable. 

Flagging Questions: Considerations should be made regarding the use of the flagging feature with One-Way Navigation. Since candidates cannot freely navigate between or revisit questions, flagging serves minimal purpose. 



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